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A collaborative gathering focused on investors' shared knowledge and building long-term relationships. The aim of GROW Invest is to highlight the multifaceted and interesting mixture of industries and areas in the thriving region of Helsingborg. Investors and key players in the Swedish growth scene will gain valuable insight into what is happening in this part of the country.


Last year's event was restricted to only a few possible attendees. This year, on November 16th, we are aiming for a bigger event that will take place at the Clarion Hotel SeaU in Helsingborg, with a similar agenda. It will be interesting people and conversations. You don't want to miss this!


November 16th. Clarion Hotel SeaU, Helsingborg

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Our show host for the day:

Aisha Mossberg

Agenda of Grow 2021

The day consists of three panel and lecture discussions, each of them is completed with workshops where we divide deeper into the subjects of the session. 

Diversifying your fields of investment is slowly becoming a top of mind, but how should you evaluate the different companies? At what stage of a startup is it a good idea to jump in and invest, and does this change if we are talking about e-commerce, SaaS, biotech, or a health company?

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 Peggy Poon

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SaaS & E-com:

Sïmon Saneback

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Bio/med- tech:

Kerstin Jakobsson

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Crypto Investments:

Mattias Tyrberg

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It seems like nowadays everyone is doing sustainable investing or ESG investments, but how should we define this? Is it meant to generate a truly positive impact or are we using it just as a trending label for marketing purposes?

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Nino Subotic

panel members-10.png

Climate tech investing:

Heidi Lindvall 

karsten d-13.png


Karsten Deppert 

panel members-04.png

Sustainable investing:

Magnus Alfredsson 

Featured Startups of the panel

Max Rosenberg

Max Rosenberg

Founder Recoma AB



Revolutionerar Hållbart Byggande

Nancy Adrenberg

Nancy Adrenberg

CEO & co-founder at Allihop



The first Green Business Travel Platform

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After one year of distance work and video calls... Are we now starting to change how we define the physical limits of companies and their reach? Should we also rethink the logic of our investments according to the new normal? Our panel members will explore this idea from their own experience, what has changed? How should we adapt? Is it becoming easier or harder to invest on a local or a global scale? We are giving this event a golden closure with a panel that is meant to provide a truly enriching discussion among all participants. 

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Liselott Lading

panel members-05.png

Local investment: Mette Gross

panel members-07.png
panel members-12.png

Early global investment: Andrus Oks

Featured Startups of the panel

Rose Huang

Rose Huang; AI enthusiast

We empower the livestock industry through AI & IoT solutions.

Mikael Wirén

Mikael Wirén

Co-Founder at Payap



Developing a new generation of payroll service

Enjoy the audio recordings of the panels from our Grow Invest 2021

Panel 1: Exploring how to invest in different fieldsGrow Invest 2021
00:00 / 01:04
What is sustainable (impact) investingGrow Invest 2021
00:00 / 48:31
Global or local investingGrow Invest 2021
00:00 / 01:04

Take a peek at Grow Invest 2020 panels

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