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Why and what? 

During the last couple of years, many strong initiatives around entrepreneurship have emerged from the different industries found in Helsingborg. But they have mostly worked locally, and are not known nationally yet. By highlighting this multifaceted and interesting mixture of industries and areas we want to give you an insight into this thriving region. We are creating a collaborative gathering focusing on investors, where we share knowledge, learn from one another and hopefully build long-term relationships.

As an investor and key player in the Swedish growth scene, we aim to give you insight into what is happening in this part of the country. And that you will meet both old friends and new people that surprise you.

The day is created by Mindpark, together with Connect, HETCH, Skåne Startups, E-commerce Park of Sweden and Invest in Skåne.  

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The Layout 

The Sessions 

We start the morning with coffee and croissants.  Further on the day consists of three panels with people deeply familiar with the subject of their session. All are hosted with a carefully chosen moderator.

The Workshop Part 

To dive even deeper; the sessions mentioned above are finished with a workshop part. Here we will try to make the subjects more relatable to you while getting to know each other. 


The Lunch 

Eating is a good way to get to know each other. Therefore we will match you with people to get the most out of your lunch as possible! 

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Some Logistics


The venue is around a five-minute walk from the Helsingborg main train/bus station


The food will be all vegetarian throughout the day. 


From our own experiences, we've realised that we have a bunch of old lanyards lying around. So we would like to try to make a talking piece of it, therefore we ask you to bring a lanyard from one of your favourite happening or company. (And if you forget about it, we got your back!) 

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