GROW invest

September 10th, 2020

A collaborative gathering focusing on investors shared knowledge and building longterm relationships. The aim of GROW Invest is to highlight the multifaceted and interesting mixture of industries and areas in the thriving region of Helsingborg. Investors and key players in the Swedish growth scene will gain valuable insight into what is happening in this part of the country.  

Due to the ongoing situation, the number of attendances is very limited. The event will take place at a huge venue at Dunkers Kulturhus. We are going to Live-Stream the sessions and they will also be recorded.

Get your Live-Stream link here!  

Created by Mindpark, E-Commerce Park of Sweden and Skåne Startups. 

The Agenda

The day consists of three panel and lecture discussions, each of them is completed with workshops where we divide deeper into the subjects of the session. 

Listing in the stock exchange vs. VC investment, 10:30 am


Coffee & Mingle 10:00 am

The First Session

There are different ways to finance your startup. Venture Capital is one way to go.

We’ll listen to a panel of Venture Capitalists sharing their thoughts on the ever-changing investment landscape.




Moderator for this panel. 

CEO, Skåne Startups


Mini-break, 11:10 am

Break-Out Session I

Let's dive deeper into this subject while getting to know each other! 

LUNCH TIME! 11:45 am

 Impact Investment vs. High Returns, 1:15 pm


A delicious vegan matchmaking lunch at KiGo

The Second Session

Why do people really invest in Startups? What drives people to choose which companies they do? What drives people to invest from the start?  

Is it all 'bout the money?

Or, all 'bout the dadadodidido? 



Serial entrepreneur with a background in both e-commerce and social business. One of Sweden top 40 entrepreneurs under 40. He will be moderating this panel. 

Serial Entrepreneur


Mini-break, 1:45 pm

Break-Out Session II

Let's dive deeper into this subject while getting to know each other! 

In the aftermath of Covid-19: What about our future? 2:30 pm


The Third Session

A pandemic took us all by storm closing down companies and putting people out of jobs.
So, what happens now? 

By looking backwards, into our former crises with they eyes of people we will try to figure out (or to be fair, discuss) what will happen in the future. Join us! 

Zenia W. Francker


Chief Relations Officer at The Creators Community

Screen Shot 2020-08-31 at 11.11.31.png

Working with the brands' Startup Village, Founders House and Mesh from Copenhagen providing the infrastructure that allows you to be successful, from the community, knowledge sharing, investor relations to physical infrastructure and services.

Mini-break, 3:00 pm

Break-Out Session III

Let's dive deeper into this subject while getting to know each other! 

Wrap-up! 3:30 pm

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