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The Organisers


Mindpark, creative coworking and event spaces located in the southern parts of Sweden since 2009.  With numerous small and big companies from different sectors calling Mindpark their home, they work continually to create a diverse and strong community. Being kind is one of Mindpark's values and they always try to figure out ways of making the world a little bit better and are doing so by working with a bunch of different organisations and initiatives. 

They co-host around 200 great activities each year. And their premises also works as a place for inspiring meetings and conferences for companies looking for an
"out-of-the-ordinary" environment. 


Skåne Startups

Southern Sweden's grassroots startup community organization. Initiatives include Malmö Startups, Lund Startups, Helsingborg Startups as well as the Women in Entrepreneurship community and Startup Live!, southern Sweden's largest startup event.

Our four focus areas are:
1. Increasing diversity in the broader startup ecosystem
2. Bringing more Venture Capital to startups in the region
3. Social Collisions: Ensure people who should meet, do,
through 50+ events per year.
4. Engaging Students & Academia in the startup ecosystem


E-Commerce Park of Sweden

Founded in 2015, we are furthering the e-commerce sector in Sweden by spreading knowledge and creating platforms for
entrepreneurs to meet!
E-Commerce Park is a community for e-retailers located in Helsingborg.  Among other things, they run a coworking space for e-retailers and Sweden's only e-commerce incubator. They collaborate with warehouses and logistics players and coordinate one of Sweden's best e-commerce networks as well as arrange
events and courses.

With Support and Love from these <3

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