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Save the date: June 02, 2022

A collaborative gathering focused on investors' shared knowledge and building long-term relationships. The aim of GROW Invest is to highlight the multifaceted and interesting mixture of industries and areas in the thriving region of Helsingborg. Investors and key players in the Swedish growth scene will gain valuable insight into what is happening in this part of the country.


The 2022 event will be held during the H22 city expo, at the Radisson Blu Metropol in Helsingborg. Program details and session topics will be announced continuously, so keep an eye out for updates! 

Created by Mindpark, E-Commerce Park of Sweden, Skåne Startups, Connect, Loop Capital and the Hetch Startups. 

June 2. Radisson Blu Metropol Hotel, Helsingborg

Agenda of Grow 2022

The day consists of three panel and lecture discussions, each of them is completed with workshops where we divide deeper into the subjects of the session 

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Crypto, NFTs & blockchain - what is really happening and possible

We will publish more information about our speakers a little bit later

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Rubrik 5


Liselott Lading

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Sami Niemi

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Cross border investments in early stage. Dos and don’ts

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Implicit biases in investments

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